May 29, 2010

Always moving around--even on the internet. life

December 17, 2009


October 05, 2009

September 17, 2009

So life is really like an open stage, no one gets any privacy. The good actors get the most fans, because they cater to the tastes of their viewing audiences. The "bad actors" are just those who don't really care about much. They take no chances on playing it safe, because they live for their own glorious performances. And they keep those amazing supporting casts around - and it's more like an epic blockbuster movie instead of a stage play --and they love every minute of it! Those kids enjoy their own bloopers, and use this open stage as their personal playground. They don't really care-- they're the ones knocking down the sandcastles, sliding down the slides head first, and those standing on the swings trying to swing through the sky. It's a wonderful thing to witness. Life is full of theatrical characters --those who want to put on a good performance for the masses, and those who crash the stages with their unmatched enthusiasms about life and those who do it all with a graceful vigor. And eversince we can remember, we've been swimming against the current--and having a blast defying the odds. Yes, we do make mistakes, in fact we specialize in those, and yes we are ambivalent about the future, but what gives us peace of mind is knowing that we're writing our own stories, and not following anybody else's. So, if life is an open stage, I guess you could call us somewhat of an all star cast. It might not always be Oscar worthy in your eyes - but this was suppose to be a private screening. We never take ourselves too seriously but we are very careful on who we give our hearts to, because at the end of this wonderful presentation, to us that's all that's ever going to matter.

The future is now, live now or forever hold your peace.

Always and forever[goodmorning]

May 04, 2009

All this doesn't mean anything. In life, I don't care about succeeding about having a house, a pet and all those materialistic possessions that society makes us believe that we need. Money, power is an allusion. It's all up there. I'm just looking for freedom.



May 03, 2009

Good morning sunshine.


Upside down therapy.


Whenever you feel like letting go. Think about how it felt to be holding on.


May 02, 2009


There`s nothing self-gratifying about knowing you`ve played a performance where people may easily dislike the character and associate it with you. There`s nothing fun about having people suspicious about why you`re making work. I`m clearly not networking or making a bid for popularity. I`m following another motivation, and it`s not as a provocateur. It`s because I`m blinded, like an idiot, by wanting to preserve and express an insight that I have, or an aesthetic that I believe in. I forget that people react to me personally as the representative of that. Did you see a credit for hair and makeup? How can I be a narcissist? I`ve never even had hair and makeup done for me on a film. I don`t even know what I look like as I'm filming.


On why he’s going to so many fashion shows (four on Sunday and Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs on Monday).

To be quite honest, in my life, in the top five or six things that I’ve ever seen, a few of them were fashion shows. I’m talking about couture. Alexander McQueen did some Givenchy shows that were incredible. But anytime there’s light, there’s music, and people putting a lot of creative energy into performance, it’s very exciting to me. I’ve never seen a movie I didn’t like. If I had to go to 50 fashion shows a day, I could handle it. I’m easy to entertain in that way.

I feel the exact same way, in the sense that creativity and the effort to present something that you've created will forever be intriguing to me. I remember once, I told some girl I wish I was in Paris fashion week, and she said I was too artificial. wtf.
There's dept behind everything I see, do, say, think, believe in, contemplate of, and dream. I don't just throw random words together to be mr.artistic. I couldn't cared less about coming across crude nor blunt. But the dept of my thoughts are so vast that I (fortunately for the grace of art) have to transcribe my thoughts using imagery, metaphors, and various poetic devices in order for you to remotely be able to have a grasp of what going through my mind. That is why I'm forever intrigued by that small potion of artistic effort that others do; no matter how minute it is, and that approach alone makes me appreciate art as a whole rather to critic individually. That's why I can listen to and appreciate Beethoven and Mozart, and still go to a Slipknot concert and have an incredible time. That's also why I can appreciate the Violon, Verre, Pipe et Encrier of Picaso, and still be just as fascinated and appreciate some cartoon in the back of the Sunday papers. I'm an extremist and there are few men who I think share this very wide scope of my mentality. Few can understand it, and very few can relate. I know this because i haven't met (until recently) anyone capable of understand me. I've been hearing that "you're so deep" shit all my life; first time I heard it I was 14. And the mind expands from the ages of 15 to 21. So, I'm yet to gain perception on a lot of things purely because no matter how much someone knows/analyze things, there is nothing undeniably stronger than the knowledge that experience brings. Anyways this blog ultimately, is not only to show you the different imagery of my mind through photography, writings, and sounds; while hopping to inspire. As stated I'm inspired by the creative effort that people put into the things they love; from furniture to clothes, to behaviors. But there aren't many people that inspire me; of course I gain perspective from the things I read, see, hear etc. But I'm rarely fascinated with anyone but to me, these men are inspirational both for what they've accomplished in their lifetimes, the mystery of their characters, and their mentality of which I find similarities with my own. Amongst them are men like Marcel Proust, Pete Doherty, Charles Bukowski and of course Vincent Gallo; Extraordinary men that you should read about.